About Burke Health

On June 22, 2021, Burke Hospital Company, LLC. took over operations of the hospital formerly known as Burke Medical Center. The company, comprised of more than 20 specialty care physicians, immediately began transitioning the center into an orthopedic and cardiology center of excellence.

Over the last year new technology such as Omnibotics, Nuclear Medicine, 3D Mammography, and a cardiac cath unit, have been added. Internal and external renovations and upgrades are taking place across our numerous facilities, and due to our growth, we’ve been able to onboard a significant number of new employees.

Currently under construction is a new surgical unit, an upgraded therapy facility, and a new administration building, and these are just the beginning of the many phenomenal plans the new ownership has envisioned for our facility.

In 2022, plans began to change the name of the hospital to one that reflected our progressive and professional service lines. Today, we would like to welcome you to the new Burke Health and to experience the small town, family feels and specialized care that not only set us apart but inspires patients across the CSRA to "Choose Burke First!"

John George, MD
Managing Partner
Michael Hester
Michael Kleinpeter
Managing Partner