Burke Health Cardiopulmonary department specializes in critical care and cardiopulmonary medicine. We work therapeutically with those suffering from acute critical conditions, as well as, cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

Our respiratory therapists help patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, COPD, and emphysema. We work with patients who have experienced heart attacks and/or sleep disorders. These respiratory disorders can permanently damage the lungs or restrict lung functions.

Respiratory therapists also manage ventilators and artificial airway devices for patients who cannot breathe normally on their own, respond to code blues or other urgent calls for care, and analyze blood specimens to determine levels of oxygen and other gases.

Burke Health cardiopulmonary specialists provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient breathing treatment services:

  • Inhalation Therapy (Jet Nebulizer Treatments)
  • Oxygen Therapy (Vast Varieties from Low Flow to High Flow Devices)
  • Chest Physiotherapy
  • Incentive Spirometry
  • EKG’s
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Continuous Pulse Oximetry Monitoring
  • Sleep Studies
  • Ventilator Management
  • Airway Management


Specialty Therapy


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Improves your lung function and prevents flare ups that may cause emergency room care and/or hospitalization.
  • Helps patients with extensive cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases learn to cope with their limitations, gain strength, and change their lifestyle.

Sleep Studies

  • A noninvasive, easy way to identify sleep issues like sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and more.
  • Burke sleep studies are performed at the hospital through a professional group, Avilys, who specialize in sleep testing management.

Pulmonary Function Test

  • Spirometry testing is the most common PFT done at Burke Health. This test helps in the diagnosis of breathing patters related to asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis and COPD.

Pulmonary Stress Test

  • A walk test conducted with patients to determine their need or qualifications for home oxygen. During the test the patient’s heart rate and oxygen levels are monitored with pulse oximetry and assessed for difficulty breathing and weakness.

Smoking Cessation

  • Often times patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases require smoking cessation. They are counseled on and about quitting smoking and making lifestyle changes.

The Burke Health Cardiopulmonary team is here to help take care of all your respiratory needs.


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