Burke Health Begins Robotic Surgery for Joint Replacements

June 28, 2023 /// 2 Min Read

Burke Health begins robotic surgery for joint replacements

Originally Published in the True Citizen: https://www.thetruecitizen.com/articles/burke-health-begins-robotic-surgery-for-joint-replacements/

Burke Health has acquired the Stryker Mako SmartRobotics system to perform robotic-assisted joint replacement procedures.

By implementing robotics into procedures, surgeons can offer patients a minimally invasive alternative for total hip, total knee, and partial knee replacements.

Before surgery, each patient will receive a CT scan of the joint needing replacement. The CT scan combines a series of X-ray images taken at different angles and computers to make a 3D model of the joint. This virtual 3D model is then loaded into the Mako system and used to create a patient-specific plan before the surgery.

During surgery, Mako SmartRobotics uses special sensors to help the machine know where it is in relation to the patient’s bone. The surgeon registers the patient’s anatomy to the CT scan loaded into the system, allowing Mako to “see” the edges of the bone, ensuring controlled and precise cutting during the operation. The surgeon then guides the robotic arm during bone preparation to execute the predetermined surgical plan and position the implant.

Mako SmartRobotics creates a virtual boundary, preventing the surgeon from removing more bone than needed. The robotic arm will only cut places previously selected during the pre-operative plan and will not go out of that zone. This preserves more bone and creates a smaller cut. Studies have shown that robotic arm-assisted joint replacement surgery leads to greater accuracy of implant position compared to manual partial joint replacement procedures. Studies have shown that Mako SmartRobotics offers multiple patient benefits, including: minimizing bone and soft tissue damage, quicker hospital discharge, less need for in-patient physical therapy sessions, reduced pain after surgery, and less need for opioid pain medications following surgery.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer these advanced techniques as part of the care we provide, as we believe them to lead to better outcomes for our patients. The acquisition of this technology demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality care to our orthopedic patients and our continued effort to invest in our facility so that our community has the care it needs and deserves.” said Mike Hester, CEO of Burke Health.

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