Burke Health Brings in Nuclear Medicine

January 30, 2023 /// 2 Min Read

Burke Health Brings in Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a specialized area of radiology that uses a small amount of radioactive material to examine organ function and structure.

Last week, Burke Health completed its first round of Nuclear Cardiac Stress Testing using state-of-the-art technology purchased for the Burke Imaging clinic that recently relocated to the former library on 4th Street.

A nuclear cardiac stress test helps cardiologists diagnose and monitor heart problems, such as coronary artery disease, by injecting a small about of the radioactive substance into your bloodstream. Then, a special camera takes pictures of blood flow in and around the heart in two phases: resting and after exercise.

The test can also determine whether your heart muscles are pumping well, identify poor blood flow, locate blocked arteries, and show whether your heart has been damaged, for example, by a heart attack.

The addition of nuclear medicine at Burke Health is part of their broader plan for implementing a wide range of cardiovascular services.

The Cardiac CathLab has completed diagnostic procedures since last summer and will be fully operational in February as the unit continues to climb the certification ladder successfully.

Cardiac Cath ICU and 24/7 Emergency Cardiac Coverage are set to be in tandem with the Cath Lab Interventional Procedure Certs in the coming weeks.

“Providing access to cardiovascular services is vital in rural communities because every second counts when you have heart failure. The additions of preventative care and diagnostic imaging provide convenient access to vital healthcare that many rural Americans lack. We are excited about this milestone and the ones coming next month in our cardiology unit,” stated Paul Thompson, Director of Emergency Services & Cardiac Cath.

While providing services for Burke Health and its affiliated clinics, Burke Imaging also offers outpatient services through referrals from other practicing physicians.