Burke Health CEO Mike Hester interviews with WJBF News 6

May 14, 2022 /// < 1 Min Read

Each year during the annual Boss Hog Cookoff in Waynesboro, Georgia, WJBF News 6 travels to Burke County to do a live “Your Hometown” broadcast from the event.

In the week leading to the broadcast, the tv station pre-records content about local businesses and community members to feature during the on-site broadcast.

This year, Burke Health was contacted by WJBF’s own, Kim Vickers, to be a part of the community highlights and talk about the many changes that are happening at the hospital.

Burke Health CEO, Mike Hester sat with Mrs. Vickers for a 20-minute interview to discuss the rebranding, additional service lines, economic impact, and struggles that face rural hospitals across the state.

Watch the video to learn more.