Burke Health earns PCI accreditation

May 24, 2024 /// 2 Min Read

Corazon, Inc., a national leader in services for the cardiovascular specialty based in Pittsburgh, PA has granted accreditation to the PCI (angioplasty) program at Burke Health.

Through a rigorous process, the accreditation proves that Burke Health’s PCI program has met or exceeded Corazon Accreditation Standards and adherence to national social guidelines. Additionally, Corazon Accreditation ensures compliance with rules set forth by the Georgia Department of Community Health (GA DCH) specific to programs not having onsite open-heart surgery to offer therapeutic cardiac catheterization. Such criteria established by the GA DCH include the need to have 24/7/365 “on call” availability for acute myocardial infarction patients, ensuring clinical staff is adept in caring for and managing hemodynamically unstable cardiac patients, and having tested and proven processes for the transfer of critically ill patients should they require a higher level of cardiac care.

“Burke Health’s entire cardiac cath lab team has worked hard to obtain this accreditation; it is a testament to their dedication to Burke and the surrounding communities,” said Mike Hester, Burke Health CEO. “During cardiac events, time is muscle, so having an accredited cath lab right here in Waynesboro is life changing not only for Burke residents but also the surrounding communities.”

Corazon has an extensive track record of working with over 600 hospitals across the nation to evaluate, re-engineer, and implement best-practice PCI programs. The firm is a long-time champion for PCI programs without onsite openheart surgery and has played a pivotal role in assisting with the opening of the first PCI program of this kind in Pennsylvania. Additionally, Corazon has been a trusted verifier for PCI programs in the state of Georgia and has actively contributed to building a consortium of hospitals to drive legislative changes throughout the state.

Together, Corazon and Burke Health will work to ensure that life-saving PCI services are made accessible to patients in the local community, with the aim of saving lives.

Source: https://www.thetruecitizen.com/articles/burke-health-earns-pci-accreditation/