Burke Health Makes Heartfelt History

August 24, 2022 /// 2 Min Read


Burke Health made local history on July 20th by performing the first cardiac catheterization procedure in Waynesboro, Georgia.

Dr. Abraham Lin, a board-certified cardiologist at Burke Cardiology, led the Burke Health Cardiac Cath Team in the first peripheral angiogram in their new state-of-the-art cath lab. The patient was able to return to the comfort of their home shortly after completing the procedure, which took less than an hour.

In the past, a cardiac cath required the patient to spend hours in bed or even undergo an overnight stay at the hospital; however, that’s no longer the case. In most cases, the new service at Burke Health allows patients to go home and rest in the comfort of their own homes.

“When discussing adding new service lines at Burke Health, our main goal was to give our patients a better quality of life and easy access to essential healthcare. With that in mind, the ability to offer cardiac cath services closer to home for our patients improves their outcomes and helps close the gap in cardiovascular statics within rural communities,” stated Paul Thompson, Director of Cardiology and Emergency Services at Burke Health.

Cardiac catheterization (or cardiac cath) is a procedure that detects blockages in coronary arteries. Doctors can perform tests or deliver treatments such as coronary angioplasty or coronary stents. The ability to perform the procedure locally is a new service Burke Health has worked hard to make a reality for Waynesboro and surrounding communities.

Burke Health looks forward to expanding its Cardiovascular Services and pumping life back into the community with advanced healthcare options.

The addition of Cardiologist Kendall Griffith, M.D., and Neurosurgeon John Sarzier, M.D. on staff at Burke Health is just the beginning of transforming healthcare for Burke County and surrounding areas