Burke Imaging Opens In Waynesboro

September 28, 2022 /// 2 Min Read

Burke Health opened the doors to their new outpatient imaging clinic last Thursday in the former Burke County Library at the corner of 4th& Jones.

The facility has undergone months of construction in preparation for this transition of Burke Imaging.

Renovations continue in the rear of the building for expansion efforts that will provide a large registration and waiting area and a drop-off area that is more accessible for patients of both Burke Imaging and Burke Therapy.

Outside landscaping and sidewalks have been rejuvenated, bringing life back to the facility.

Inside, the old building that had been used as storage for many years has been completely remodeled with a modern aesthetic and advanced technology.

Nuclear Medicine and Cardiac Rehab are new services that will be added to the facility to complement the Cardiology program that Burke Health started earlier this year.

In addition, Burke Health will be relocating the mobile MRI unit to the Burke Imaging facility in the coming weeks but intends to add permanent MRI technology as the lease on the mobile unit draws closer.

X-ray and CT will remain inside the hospital.

Burke Therapy will join the space at the beginning of next year once construction and parking efforts have been completed on the Burke Health campus.


Story Published in The True Citizen. Click the link below for the original publication.

Imaging Clinic Opens in Old Library