Cardiology Procedures Taking Place Locally

October 6, 2022 /// 2 Min Read

Burke County currently ranks in the top five counties in Georgia for cardiovascular disease.

Burke Health strives to reduce the catastrophe of rural heart health by continuously adding services to its cardiology capabilities and giving the community access to professional cardiovascular care closer to home. Since August, Burke Cardiology has made strides in local cardiovascular care.

Dr. Abraham Lin, Dr. Kendall Griffith, and Dr. Julio Schwarz have all performed diagnostic heart caths at the facility in addition to peripheral procedures. The Burke Health Cath Lab offers three primary service lines: heart catheterization, peripheral caths, and pacemaker implants. They use the newest techniques and devices to limit and, in most cases, eliminate the need for bedrest after these procedures.

Cardiac catheterization (cardiac cath or heart cath) is a procedure to examine how well the heart is working. A thin, hollow tube called a catheter is inserted into a large blood vessel that leads to the heart. The procedure provides information on how well the heart is working, identifies problems, and allows procedures to open blocked arteries.

A peripheral angiogram uses X-rays and contrast dye to help the doctor find narrowed or blocked areas that supply blood and determine if a procedure is needed to open blocked arteries.

Peripheral angioplasty uses a balloon catheter to open the blocked artery from the inside. In addition, a small wire mesh tube called a stent is usually placed during angioplasty to help keep it open. Burke Health can currently place stents in the peripheral procedures. The facility will expand its services at the beginning of the year to include heart stents and around-the-clock care for patients suffering from a heart attack.

“Heart attack care will be a game changer for the community because time is muscle,” said Frank Cunningham, Cath Lab Manager at Burke Health. “The longer you have a blockage, the more damage that is done. So, you must get to a facility for care as soon as possible to ensure a better outcome and less damage.”

Burke Health prioritizes excellent patient experiences, exceptional care, and same-day recovery and discharge. Thus far, their patients have gone home within an hour of treatment. In addition, all patients have had positive feedback about their experience and health following treatment.

If someone experiences symptoms of a heart attack, they should call 911. Anyone desiring to be seen in Burke Health’s cardiology clinic, should call 706-437-2690 for an appointment.