Hospital gift shop to close

January 10, 2023 /// < 1 Min Read

Hospital gift shop to close

January 10, 2023


The Magnolia Gift Shop will close after more than three decades of operation.

After 30 years of operating the Magnolia Gift Shop inside the hospital, the Pink Ladies will transition to new roles as Burke Health continues progressing into a specialty care facility.

Throughout the years, gift shop profits purchased much-needed equipment for the facility. The contributions of time, compassion, and equipment will be remembered by staff and administrative personnel, blessed to know and work with these ladies throughout three decades.

Over the past year, Burke Health has shifted focus to orthopedics, expanded the facility, and increased patient volume to unprecedented numbers. These changes bring patients and their families daily across Georgia and South Carolina. In turn, the facility continuously faces space limitations.

The lobby area of the hospital’s main entrance is no exception. On any given day, a walk through the lobby will prove that Burke Health has turned things around for the hospital, as seating is a hot commodity.

After many months of trying to devise alternative solutions, the only option was to close the gift shop and convert the space into private seating for much-needed consultation areas.

Although the Magnolia Gift Shop will close its doors on January 27th, the familiar faces of the Pink Ladies will remain in the lobby area.

The ladies will transition from retail to customer service, assisting patients’ families, providing refreshments, and conversing about the community with people from across the CSRA.