Notice of Physician Ownership

Effective June 22, 2021, Burke Hospital Company, LLC is operating the hospital known as Burke Health.
Please be advised that the following Physicians are owners of the Burke Hospital Company and therefore indirectly have a financial interest in Burke Health and its operations located at 351 South Liberty Street, Waynesboro, Georgia 30830.

Johnny Christian, MD
Abraham Lin, MD
Julio Schwarz, MD
Kendall Griffith, MD
Brian Abell, DO
Terry Arrington, MD
John Clapp, MD
Matt Link, MD
Randy Meredith, MD
Doug Phillips, MD
Joseph Rectenwald, MD
Richard Pope, MD
David Gallagher, MD
Justin Bundy, MD
Jeremy Jacobs, MD
John Franklin, MD
Nicholas Capito, MD
John Bojescul, MD
Richard Massie, MD
Ty Carter, MD
Dustin Gay, MD
John P. George, MD
Samuel Pitts, DO
Justin Head, DO

As a patient you have the right to obtain the items or services for which you were referred to Burke Health from the health care provider or supplier of your choice.  As a patient you have a right to select your healthcare provider or the location where you may receive hospital related services.