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June 2, 2022 /// 3 Min Read

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Burke Medical Center rebrands as ‘Burke Health,’ Expands into Orthopedics and Cardiology

WAYNESBORO, GA, May 20, 2022 – Burke Hospital Company, LLC., announced today that it had completed a significant rebranding initiative, reflecting the progressiveness of the hospital and its expansion of specialty services.

“We are excited to announce the transition our community hospital has made to ‘Burke Health,’ which will focus on orthopedics and cardiology along with the standard hospital services already offered,” said Mike Hester, Chief Executive Officer at Burke Health. “Expanding services ensures the viability of rural medical facilities and allows them to provide more comprehensive care close to home.”

The rebranding initiative follows Burke Hospital Company’s acquisition of Burke Medical Center in June 2021. Since the purchase, tremendous strides have been made toward repositioning the hospital as a specialty care facility.

As a result, multi-specialty orthopedics are now available from diagnosis to treatment, including surgical services. Physicians from across the CSRA have been performing surgeries at the facility since Fall 2021. In addition, expansion efforts are underway to add additional operating rooms to the facility by the end of 2022 to support anticipated growth.

The cardiology program started with the Burke Cardiology Clinic on 4th Street but has quickly expanded with Burke Health constructing a cardiac catheterization unit and adding nuclear medicine to enhance their service line. Paul Thompson, Director of Cardiology and Emergency Services at Burke Health, stated, ” We look forward to August 2022 when we can offer these services with the onboarding of our full-time cardiologist. Offering this type of specialty is especially important considering the large geographical area of Burke County.”

Along with a new name and new services, the company also announced its new branding, the launch of the website, and new social media pages on powerful platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn. “We wanted our branding to reflect the professionalism and modernization of the services and technology we have brought into the facility, while still paying tribute to the history of the hospital and the community. The name ‘Burke Health’ was a perfect choice, and we are very excited about it and our future.” stated Lacey Zorn, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Burke Health.

In addition to rebranding the hospital, the specialty service clinics followed suit. Burke Center for Orthopedics rebranded to ‘Burke Orthopedics,’ Burke Center for Cardiovascular Health rebranded to ‘Burke Cardiology,’ and Burke Medical Center Rehabilitation rebranded to ‘Burke Therapy.’ Burke Sports Medicine, a new specialty geared toward area school sports, also received cohesive branding.

ABOUT BURKE HEALTH: Burke Health is a physician-led, patient-focused community hospital specializing in orthopedics and cardiology. We are committed to preventing, diagnosing, and treating musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems disorders. Emergency Services, Inpatient treatment, and outpatient laboratory and imaging services are also available.
Contact Information: Lacey Zorn | | 706-554-4435


Excerpt from The True Citizen Vol. 142 No. 15


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