Public Relations Director Interviewed about Burke Health at Community Boss Hog Event

May 16, 2022 /// < 1 Min Read

Our previous news post discussed how WJBF News 6 does a live broadcast of the annual Boss Hog Cookoff in Waynesboro, Georgia.

While Burke Health CEO Mike Hester, and Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Jeremy Jacobs were judging the King of the Wing competition, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Lacey Zorn, met with WJBF’s Chief Meteorologist, Tim Miller, to discuss Burke Health during the 6 o’clock evening news.

Zorn was asked about the physician ownership of Burke Health and what that meant for the community. Watch the video to see the full interview.

Let’s sidebar that and talk more in-depth about that topic now.

The best part about Burke Health being physician-owned is that these particular physicians live and raise their families in the CSRA.

What does that mean for Burke Health?

It means that every decision that’s made isn’t being made states away or in a boardroom based on analytics and profit and loss spreadsheets.

While decisions are being made in a boardroom, that boardroom is right here at Burke Health in Waynesboro.

Those decisions are also hyper-focused on the needs of the communities that we touch and with the overall health of the people at the forefront.

We raise our families in your communities, and we treat you like family when you walk through our doors because you are.

Our Physicians are coaching kids sports, watching football under the Friday night lights, going to your churches, eating at your favorite restaurants, and dropping their kids off at your schools.

See the difference physician ownership has made at Burke Health, and you’ll see why patients are choosing Burke First!