New C-arm adds to hospital’s state-of-the-art surgical procedures

June 19, 2024 /// < 1 Min Read

Burke Health continues to make itself known as a center of orthopedic excellence by investing in the latest technology.Their latest addition includes state-of-the-art GE Premium mobile C-arms. This advanced imaging technology is set to revolutionize surgical procedures by providing top of the line imaging capabilities, enhancing surgical precision, and improving patient outcomes.


The GE OEC 3D C-Arm offers high resolution 3D imaging, allowing surgeons to view intricate details with remarkable clarity. Its innovative design facilitates more accurate diagnostics and enables precise navigation during complex procedures. This technology is particularly beneficial in orthopedic, spinal, vascular, cardiac, gastrointestinal and urological cases.

“At Burke Health, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest technology. The new C-arms allow physicians to take high quality images with greater anatomical detail with full 360-degree rotation and field of view, as well as enhanced zoom capabilities,” said Burke Health CEO, Mike Hester. “This technology is a game changer in improving surgical outcomes by providing physicians with advanced imaging in real time.”

Some key features of the C-Arm include high-resolution 3D imaging for detailed visualization of anatomical structures, user-friendly interface designed to streamline the workflow for surgical teams and advanced imaging algorithms that reduce exposure to radiation without compromising image quality.